Herbal Tea For Coughs – Get Rid Of That Annoying Cough Naturally

What do most people do when they get a cough? Some purchase drugs from pharmacies. Others see a doctor, and the doctor gives them prescribed drugs. And some others turn to herbal tea for coughs to gain relief.

Of all the above mentioned methods, drugs only provide temporary relief, but they do not deal with the root problem. Which means to say that drinking herbal tea for coughs do deal with the root problem.

Confused? Let me explain them in detail below:

Herbal Tea for Coughs – Herbs Explained

Herbs come from plants that have medicinal value and they are able to strengthen a body’s immune system to fight viruses and bugs. In most cases, herbs will not cause any side effects in the consumer’s body, unlike drugs. That is why some people prefer to go for a natural remedy.

Herbal Tea for Coughs – Coughing Explained

Here’s something else you may want to know. Coughing is the body’s reflex which helps to remove or clear irritants from the breathing passage. Like I mentioned area, drugs suppress the cough, but they do not get rid of the root cause of the cough. Therefore, the coughing may stop temporarily, but if the irritants are still present, the cough will return to haunt the person. That is why I advocate the drinking of herbal tea for coughs.

There are 2 common types of coughs. The first is the dry cough, in which there is no sign of phlegm. The second is wet cough. I’ll talk about the dry cough here. Dry coughs are usually a sign of infection or illness. Usually, doctors will prescribe 2 types of medicines. The first medicine is meant to suppress the cough and the second usually an antibiotic, which is meant to fight the virus. Of course, as I’ve mentioned earlier, these drugs have side effects that can affect the consumer in his or her daily activities.

Herbal Tea for Coughs – Remedies Discussed

Here are a few herbs that can be used to stop a cough: Tian Wen Chao, Joyweed Sessilis and Yellow Strobilanthus. If you want to learn more about these herbs, you may consult a Chinese physician for details.

These herbs can be found in some herbal teas, so you may want to look out for the ingredients the next time you buy packets of herbal tea.

I hope you now have a better understanding about how herbal tea for coughs works. You can avoid the negative side effects that many drugs bring and choose this natural alternative to get rid of your cough.

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